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Access to Government Information

Serving the Community

Public access to information held by the Government develops -

The Code on Access to Information was introduced in March 1995 to serve as a formal framework for the provision of information held by government bureaux/departments. The Code was extended to the whole of the Government in December 1996. The Code applies to all government bureaux/departments as listed at Annex A.

The Code sets out what information must be made available to the public routinely and lays down rules for dealing with requests for access to other government information. It is supplemented by Guidelines on Interpretation and Application to help departments comply with the Code.

A wide range of government information is available through GovHK. More detailed information of individual departments is available at their respective home pages. Requests for access to information held by departments should be made to the Access to Information Officer of the relevant department, whose contact details are available by clicking on the department in the list at Annex A to the Code.

You may download the application form at Annex C to the Code for making requests for Government Information.

You may click here to download the full text of the Code.

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Last reviewed: 21 June 2010