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Code on Access to Information

Code on Access to Information Serving the Community

The Code on Access to Information provides a formal framework for access to information held by government departments. It defines the scope of information that will be provided, sets out how the information will be made available either routinely or in response to request, lays down procedures governing its release, as well as procedures for review or complaint.

Part 1 of the Code sets out the scope, information routinely made available, information that can be made available on request, procedures, target response time, charges and review mechanism.

Part 2 of the Code sets out 16 reasons that government departments may refuse a request to disclose information.

The government departments and public organisations to which the Code applies can be viewed here. In addition, 22 public bodies listed here are following the Code or a similar guide.

The term "record" as defined under the Code can be viewed here.

If you would like to make a request for information, you can fill in the application form on-screen here, then print out, and send it to the Access to Information Officer of the department which holds the information you requested for. Contact information of the Access to Information Officers can be viewed here.

Elaboration on how the Code is to apply can be found in the Guidelines on Interpretation and Application.

Some actual cases relating to requests for information handled by government departments can be viewed here.

A wide range of government information is already available through GovHK. More detailed information of individual departments can be found in their respective home pages.

Publicity Materials and Press Releases

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If you have any enquiries or would like to seek advice on matters related to the Code on Access to Information, you can contact us:

Please be advised that it is voluntary for you to supply to us your personal data. All personal data collected by us in the course of our handling of your case will only be used for purposes which are directly related to the case. The personal data collected may be transferred to parties who will be contacted by us during the handling of the case including the party being complained against or other parties concerned. The information provided might also be disclosed to agencies who are authorised to receive information relating to law enforcement, prosecution or review of decisions.

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